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Fall 2015 Schedule

​Trail Life USA Troop 5

Foxes--Kindergarten and 1st Grade
Hawks—2nd and 3rd Grade
Mountain Lions—4th and 5th Grade

Regular bi-weekly meetings will be held on Mondays immediately after school.  The boys participating in Trail Life USA will be dismissed and sit together on the bench in front of the school, and we will have skill learning activities together.  Please pick up your boy at 4:00PM unless otherwise noted. 

All Troop Meetings will be held on the second Tuesday of each month at 6:30PM at the Resort Ministry Center of the Dauphin Island Baptist Church on Desoto Street. Please bring a finger food to these meetings.

Other events will occur about once a month, usually on a weekend. 

August 27—Registration Meeting

Sept. 8—6:30PM—Troop Meeting

Sept. 14—Meeting 3-4 PM after School

Sept. 19—8:00AM-10:00AM—Coastal Cleanup—Meet at Cadillac Square @ 8AM

Sept. 28— Meeting 3-4 PM after School

Oct. 5— Meeting 3-4 PM after School

Oct. 10--Krispy Kreme Donut Sale 8-11AM

Oct. 13--6:30PM—Troop Meeting

Oct. 19— Meeting 3-4 PM after School

Oct. 23-24—Family Campout—Schedule and more information to follow—we will be camping one night, the 23rd. 

Nov. 2—Meeting 3-4 PM after School

Nov. 10—6:30PM—Troop Meeting 

Nov. 16—Meeting 3-4 PM after School

Nov. 30—Meeting 3-4 PM after School—Last after school meeting of 2013.

Dec. 5—D.I. Christmas Parade—We will be in it. 

Dec. 8—6:30PM—Christmas Troop Meeting—Refreshments brought by all—Review Spring Schedule

The Spring Schedule will be available at the December Troop Meeting.